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I heartily recommend Brightstar and her services for the following reasons.

1)    Innovative - Her Techniques are tailored to the individual.
2)    Service - Her success is based on thorough attention to details.
3)    Professional - There are no surprises with the experience.
4)    Product Quality - She uses the highest quality products.
5)    Price – Brightstar is competitive for high end spa experience at an affordable rate.

You can’t go wrong choosing Brightstar. She is simply the best massage therapist I have encountered. No one else can compare!!!

Carole R. Wiederhorn,  Minneapolis, MN


My husband has suffered from Parkinson disease and myositis (IBM) for many years. His therapy included botox injections by a neurologist into the neck muscles to improve his ability to hold his head erect. This expensive treatment did not produce long term results. We also explored acupuncture which resulted in short term benefits.

In 2013 we met Brightstar. She discussed with us his symptoms and issues. Rick walked with a stooped posture and drooping head. Within a few bi-weekly massages, there was marked improvement. We now have bi-weekly 90 minute massages for Rick. The symptoms are gone!

The stooped walk and drooping head no longer exist! 

Our physician says that Rick looks better now than he did several years ago. This is NOT trend with long term Parkinson patients. Rick has had the disease for over 20 years. At age 65, he feels better and has more flexibility in his limbs.

I attribute Rick’s appearance to Brightstar’s tailoring massage techniques to suit Rick’s current needs. Does it get any better?
We heartily recommend Brightstar. She shines for us.
Carole & Rick Wiederhorn


Last summer I had my first bout of diverticulitis which is an inflammation and ensuing infection in the colon. I was treated with two powerful antibiotics and the issue subsided. Unfortunately, it came back four more times in the next six months. Each time antibiotics were the treatment of choice of my physician. My wife, who was concerned with the numerous rounds of antibiotics and their destruction of my good gut bacteria, suggested I try a colonics on the next go around.  Last week the diverticulitis reared its ugly head once again. I got in immediately to see Brighstar. After one round of the colon hydrotherapy, the pain subsided. I continued to have two more sessions to ensure any blockages was cleared out. She likened it to having the sludge cleaned out of a car’s engine. Once it has been flushed out, it’s back to running smoothly again. In my case, eliminating gluten out of my diet and not fouling my “engine” will hopefully help keep it that way. At the sign of any future issue, my first call will be to Brightstar.

Jeffrey C., St. Paul, MN


After pursuing several different avenues in hopes of healing a variety of health issues, I was fortunate to meet Brightstar 2+ years ago. She suggested I give colon hydrotherapy a try. I had heard of the practice but was not familiar with it or with anyone who had actually had done it. Her enthusiasm, depth of knowledge on a variety of health topics and her genuine caring attitude guided me to the decision to proceed with the colonic. I was recently diagnosed with several autoimmune markers, and through genetic testing(23and Me), it was identified that I have issues with detoxing my body, only made worse with digestion difficulties. I have high levels of mercury due to many improperly removed amalgams and it is imperative that I have help getting these toxins out of my body. Colon hydrotherapy has been an integral and essential part of my health program. I have done several detoxes, cleanses and chelations. If I was not doing a colonics program in conjunction with these, I would not be able to eliminate the toxins from my body. These poisons would just relocate themselves within, possibly causing even more harm.

Brightstar is continually educating herself in many different facets of healing modalities and is willing to share any insights she has to help you become healthier. It’s amazing the positive impact she and colon hydrotherapy have had on my healing process.

Patty L., Hastings, MN


Prior to my first visit, I couldn’t even move my neck from side to side. Now I can move my neck in all motions.  My work day is now far more enjoyable due the comfort and relief Brightstar was able to give me.

Jessica Langenfeld, 2017



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