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Sports Massage for competitive athletes and runners River Falls

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Are you an athlete and training for a marathon or other race? Are you muscles sore and in need of some relief?  If so, please come visit me today so I can help to heal you.   You can schedule your appointment via phone at 715-629-5101

Often runners and people that compete in other races, triathlons, relay races and other types of competitions will find themselves in need of a relaxing massage.

Part of your training should include proper nutrition, and sleep to fuel your energy.  Another vital step to training for a marathon is also a rest and recovery period.  Often stretching, utilizing a foam roller and other techniques can help day to day, and sometimes you need a more thorough healing for your body.  Often times a massage is the answer you should consider.  Massage helps to stretch your muscles and help tight areas before they become problematic.

As your mileage gradually increases during training many runners will find themselves sore or injured.   Some common injuries from running can include hamstring injuries, plantar fasciitis, and shin splints.  Allow your body the time it needs to refuel and recover by getting a massage with me, Brightstar.  I am a integrative healer with more than twenty years of experience.  I use a variety of modalities that incorporate sports massage, deep tissue, active release techniques, Swedish, aroma therapeutic and hot stone.

Not only does a massage feel wonderful but it can also do wonders for reducing muscles soreness and help facilitate the healing of injuries and recovery.

Whether you are a new runner, or have run several 5k and 10k races, training for a half marathon, full marathon, or just an athlete with some aches and pains, please stop in to see me today.