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​Acupressure & Pregnancy ​

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Hot Stone Massage

​Infrared Sauna 

Ion Cell-Cleanse Foot Bath
Dry Skin Brushing
Essential Oils

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Brightstar is committed to help you achieve better body care awareness and to help you take ownership of your health.   

Integrative Wellness center

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Colonic Hydrotherapy

Colon Cleanse

Probiotic & Digestive EnzymesChelation Suppository for Heavy Metal Elimination

Cutting-Edge Treatment

 We don't restrict you.......

 to the  Mundane.  Under our roof, Therapies are Customized to embrace your Needs. Therapies range from Basic Wellness to Holistic  Extraordinaire cutting edge services. We offer everything from Massage,  Raindrop,  Colon hydrotherapy, and  more...